Our Crisis Response division specialises in reacting to incidents of kidnap, extortion and illegal detention and specific threats to do harm to our clients and their business operations.

Acting within the law and with an understanding of public policy issues, we aim to secure the safe release of hostages and the removal of any threats in such a way that does not detract from our clients’ reputation, operations, strategies and plans.

We operate worldwide providing immediate response with linguistic support. Our team of specialists is supported by forensic psychologists, behavioural profilers, forensic linguists, work place violence experts and post-traumatic stress counsellors. 

Our clients include multinational corporations in all sectors, government and non-profit organisations, including media companies, sporting teams, celebrities and families.

We are the exclusive provider of crisis response services to holders of Special Risks insurance written by Tokio Marine HCC.

We support our clients via a wide range of services including: 

  • 24/7 availability – all clients have access to our multi-lingual response operations centre
  • Strategic and tactical advisory services from first notification until the end of an incident, at the scene and at the corporate headquarters, as appropriate
  • Advice on the formation, terms of reference, membership and conduct of crisis management teams during an incident
  • Family support and the provision of personal security solutions where needed
  • Advice and assistance with communications and relationships with government authorities
  • Negotiation design and implementation
  • Media management
  • Support with third party participants
  • Post incident victim support, repatriation and rehabilitation including post traumatic stress counselling