Crisis Prevention

Organisations should understand their vulnerabilities and how to best manage these in the event of a crisis to limit or negate the impact to the continuity of operations. 

A robust prevention plan identifies and protects the assets, resources and personnel that have the greatest impact on the continuity of operations. Our team design crisis management plans that consider your business operations and corporate structure. Unity will assist you to integrate these plans and provide on-going support and consultancy where required.

Our crisis prevention services include:

  • Review of existing crisis management plans
  • Design of crisis management plans
  • Travel risk management, intelligence and a global risk map via a dedicated portal with detailed profiling of 180 countries and 400 cities
  • Travel security training
  • Briefings, bespoke training and exercises for executives and senior managers who may be part of a corporation's crisis management or incident management team

responding to kidnap,
extortion and illegal
detention incidents