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Unity is a global security services provider with 20 years’ of experience partnering with clients in a range of challenging and high risk environments.

Unity is able to work beyond core service lines to meet the changing needs of our clients by drawing upon the wide range of skills available to us through our extensive global network of professionals.

Our clients continually acknowledge the supporting role we play in their pursuit of objectives and tell us there are few challenges for which we cannot provide an effective solution.

Unity is a trusted partner of various government, non-government and commercial entities. Our approach of addressing client needs with tailored and flexible solutions, empowers them to meet and exceed operational and long term commercial objectives.

Security Services

Static Security

Unity provides static security solutions to various commercial, government and non-government organisations.

The sites we protect range from diplomatic missions and corporate offices to remote camps and large industrial processing plants. Our flexible and dynamic approach means we offer cost effective and robust systems to our clients, allowing them to operate and deliver their core business in a safe and secure manner, irrespective of how challenging the terrain may be.

Our solutions can include:

  • Site access control
  • Visitor processing and escort
  • Site emergency response
  • Site perimeter patrols
  • Site surveillance, including CCTV systems and other standoff technology
  • Explosive detection dog teams

Mobile Security

Unity is highly experienced in providing tailored mobile security teams for contracted and ad-hoc clients. We operate a fleet of soft skin 4×4 SUVs and armoured B6 SUVs, providing secure transport relevant to the environment and specific to our clients’ requirements.

A key aspect to our mobile operations is maintaining a real-time detailed knowledge of the operating environment, presenting wherever possible a low profile and remaining respectful of local cultures. Being well-informed and adaptive allows us to identify potential risks and continually implement measures to reduce our clients’ exposure.

Our operations room provides journey management, location tracking and incident response for all mobile security teams through a multi-layered physical communications infrastructure. Our fleet is constantly monitored using a mix of in-vehicle and portable tracking systems, VHF radio, satellite and GSM capabilities.

Close Protection

Unity has provided close personal protection services for more than 20 years. Whether a standalone operator blended discreetly into a client’s work environment, or a larger high profile team integrated into a multi-services security solution, all Unity close protection officers are supported by Unity’s critical support services and our global crisis management team.

Our client portfolio ranges from diplomats and senior government officials through to high-profile personalities and business people. 

Our close personal protection officers are chosen for their experience, professionalism, integrity and sensitivity. Currency of skills and professional mastery demand that our operators train to, and maintain, very high standards.

All of these attributes correlate on the ground into clients’ peace of mind and confidence so that they can achieve their own outcomes, or their loved ones can live their lives with a greater sense of normality.

Embedded Security Manager

Unity embedded security managers are supported by our full suite of services and over 20 years’ experience, providing a credible and efficient solution for a variety of security roles.

The critical support elements for an effective security manager are highly specialist fields in their own right, and are costly to develop and maintain. Our embedded security managers offer a low cost/high quality solution that ensures our clients meet their obligations within their total business risk management.

Our embedded security managers have access to an extensive range of tools and sevices, such as:

  • Ground proven daily intelligence for challenging and high-risk environments
  • Unity’s global network of risk management and crisis management professionals
  • Sophisticated passive and active tracking solutions for personnel, fleet and equipment
  • Access to Unity’s full suite of services including kidnap ransom extortion and detention experts, aviation solutions, advisory services and facilities management

Facilities Management

Operating in remote or hostile environments is anything but ‘business as usual’. The day to day running of operations must be supported by an experienced and locally connected solution.

Unity provides a range of support services which can help you to focus on your business success whilst we look after the optimum functionality of your built environment, working spaces, as well as the people involved in managing your facilities.

Facility Management and Project Management

The Unity Facilities Management portfolio centres on the sourcing, procurement, setup and ongoing management of office accommodation and housing for your team.

We have extensive experience in identifying property, assisting with the legal, and administrative requirments of leasing and managing facilities in challenging and unregulated environments.

Unity implements and integrates facilities management solutions via a tailored Service Level Agreement (SLA) structure, which may include:

  • Sourcing and setup of facilities including refurbishment
  • Management of life support requirements including communications and medical
  • Maintenance and cleaning services
  • Imbedded facilities managers and staff
  • Local procurement for staples
  • Cash transit and management
  • Security


Significant health and safety risks are an inherent part of operations and doing business in remote and underdeveloped regions.

First world standards of medical care provided by professionals with experience in challenging environments is essential to the health and well-being of your staff and the continuity of your operations.

Unity has provided medical personnel and services in these environments for over a decade. We continue to support our clients’ needs by ensuring our medical services are offered at developed world standards. Our services include:

  • Remote Area Medics
  • Primary Care facilities (Basic Healthcare Clinic)
  • Level Two Critical Care clinic (including small High Dependency Unit capability)
  • Pathology services


Frontier markets offer great opportunities for the resource and related industries. These opportunities are often located in remote areas with little to no existing infrastructure and unreliable essential services.

Large projects typically require an extensive multi-skilled workforce co-located close to site which therefore necessitates a quality accommodation facility.

Unity can provide a fully functioning, rapid deployment accommodation facility based on client specific requirements. The solution is flexible and allows for a range of designs, fittings and fixtures, and essential amenities such as offices, clinics and recreational spaces.

Construction and Refurbishment

Our team of experienced project managers and engineers provides a comprehensive range of services including the design, build and transfer of refurbishment and construction projects to international standards.

Our integrated approach to refurbishment and construction projects always takes into account the local environment and the community through culturally integrated solutions via the engagement of local contractors. Some of the services offered include:

  • Project Planning. Unity will provide accurate documentation in order to highlight the scale of the project including budgetary and time requirements from inception through to completion and hand over.
  • Tender Support. Our team of experts will aid with tender writing and submission for third parties.
  • Construction and Commissioning. Unity can project manage the construction process including the screening and qualifying of subcontractors and suppliers. During the commissioning phase our engineers provide all HSE inspections and release of retentions.
  • Operate and Manage. Once a facility is complete, Unity will offer a a full suite solution to manage the facility, including critical life support services such as catering, communications, medical, laundry, waste management and other utilities.

Safe Today and Tomorrow

Unity offer a complete range of core services tailored to suit all your needs.

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